UK Lotto numbers on 2023-08-30

These are the UK Lotto results drawn on 2023-08-30. Looking for the UK Lotto latest results?

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Outstanding in these results

  1. Numbers 11 from this draw are from the previous UK Lotto numbers and their neighbors.
  2. Notice that there are 2 sets of two consecutive numbers in this draw.

Quick stats for these results

Statistical factor Value Trend
Sum of numbers 182 down -10.34%
Sum of digits 47 up 46.88%
Results range 48 up 26.32%
Even results 2 down -1
Odd results 4 up 1
Max. Repeating Decades 2 down -1
Max. Repeating last digits 2 steady
Hot number 13 not drawn
Cold number 55 not drawn
Most overdue number 26 not drawn
Repeating numbers: N/A

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UK Lotto results image

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Last update: 2023-08-30 @ 19:40 UTC

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