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Lotto Results and Predictions

Who we are

We are a small team of programmers based in Sweden researching lottery results and predictions. The development of our sophisticated lottery system started back in 2004 and it has been under constant improvement ever since. Our research shows that, by applying a set of complex mathematical calculations, it actually is possible to increase the chances of winning the lottery, by keeping only those lottery combinations that have a statistically higher chance of being drawn.

During the years of research we came to the conclusion that the key to achieving this is to study the lottery results as a whole instead of studying the individual lottery numbers.

Our services

Lottery Predictions

The LottoMatic prediction system, developed by us, is capable of increasing your chances to win the lottery by performing a complex set of calculations for every possible set of results that may represent the next winning numbers. By doing so, a significant amount of combinations are being eliminated, while the remaining ones are those that have a fairly high chance of being drawn.

More about our lottery prediction system on this page.

Comprehensive Lottery Statistics

The lottery statistics we provide are probably the most comprehensive ones available out there. No other lottery service is monitoring so many aspects of the lotto numbers as we do. Shortly after the latest lottery results are being officially announced, our system analyzes them and provides the latest statistical analysis report in the form of the Lottery Matrix.

Advanced Lottery Tools

A set of advanced lottery tools is provided for each lottery we analyze. These tools include what is probably the most featured lottery number generator as well as a smart lottery quickpick system that generates every lottery combination only once (no duplicates) between any two drawings.

Latest Lotto Results

The most recent lottery results are being posted on our web site shortly after each lottery draw takes place. The results are also posted to our Facebook page as well as on our Twitter wall for our followers.

About the site structure

The LottoMatic website has a tree like folder structure where the upper level contains the main page of each lottery we analyze.
The main page of each lottery can be accessed from our home page. Inside each lottery card you will find links to various resources for that particular lottery. Once on the main page of any lottery, the related lottery resources are available under the menu (button located at the upper right corner).

The menu button looks like so:


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