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LottoMatic is the organization that is analyzing hundreds of lottery games worldwide and providing the latest lottery results and statistics.

Our services

Lottery Results Worldwide

The latest (most recent) lottery results are being posted on our web site immediately after each lottery draw takes place. The results are also posted to our Facebook page as well as on our Twitter wall.

Lottery Predictions

So far, we are the only service out there capable to provide proven, mathematically calculated lottery predictions for the draws that take place in the future. The number of jackpots we predicted is in the hundreds and counting.

Lottery Statistics

Seconds after the latest lotto results have been posted, our system analyzes those numbers against the previous results and runs the throughout statistical analysis. The analysis results are then posted to our website in the form of a set of comprehensive lottery statistics and charts that show the behavior of the lottery numbers.

Further Lottery Tools

A set of advanced lottery tools is available for each lottery. These tools include what is probably the most featured lottery number generator as well as a lottery quickpick system that generates every lottery combination only once (no duplicates) between any two drawings.

Furthermore, driven by the desire to provide as much lottery statistics as possible on one page, we have created the lottery matrix.

About the site structure

LottoMatic.org has a tree like folder structure where the upper level contains the lottery games for which we provide lotto results, statistics and lotto tools.
The lottery folders can be accessed from the home page. Inside each lottery folder you'll find the various resources for that particular lottery. To access the resources, once you're inside a lottery folder, click on the button located at the upper right corner of each page of this website.

The menu opening button looks like so:


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