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Above are the latest results drawn Saturday, December 12, 2020

The numbers inside a white square are the numbers we predicted.

The next draw is scheduled for 23 January 2021 @ 21:55 UTC


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Facts about this draw

  1. Based on the UK Health Lottery results history, here are the numbers that have been drawn the most after these latest numbers.
    • Numbers 20 and 32 came out each 4 times after number 09
    • Numbers 42 and 28 came out each 4 times after number 16
    • Number 49 came out 4 times after number 17
    • Number 09 came out 4 times after number 37
    • Number 46 came out 4 times after number 43
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  2. On the other hand, number 8 (changed) is among the due results because it was not drawn after 4 of the numbers in this draw.
  3. UK Health Lottery number 32 is one of the hot numbers at this point. (unchanged)
  4. While 13 is one of the cold numbers. (changed from 21)
  5. And one of the most overdue numbers is 8. (unchanged)

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Quick Stats

Statistical factor Value Trend
Sum of numbers 122 down -34.76%
Sum of digits 41 up 20.59%
Range 34 up 21.43%
Evens 1 down -3
Odds 4 up 3
Max. Repeating Decades 2 down -1
Max. Repeating last digits 2 up 1
Hot number 32 not drawn
Cold number 13 not drawn
Most overdue number 8 not drawn
Repeating number(s): 43

UK Health Lottery prize breakdown

The table below is a report of the UK Health Lottery predicted and quick picks we provided for the latest results. The meaning of each table column is as follows:
Tier = matching numbers
Predictions = Predictions provided for that tier
QPs = Winning Quick Picks provided since the last draw At the bottom of the table there are three rows:
T.P. = Total provided lottery predictions or Quick Picks
T.W. = Total winning numbers
w.% = Percentage of T.W. from T.P.

Tier Predictions QPs
3 23 0
2 296 1
T.P. 4,153 45
T.W. 319 1
W.% 7.68% 2.22%

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Last update: 2020-12-12 @ 21:57:26 UTC

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