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Premium lottery services

The premium lottery services offered to LottoMatic members are described below. Make sure you understand what you are signing up for before you subscribe.

Click on any of the links inside the membership boxes to find out more about that particular service.

Fees are expressed in $USD. To find out approximately how how much the fee will be in your currency, you can use this online currency converter.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time from your PayPal account. Once cancelled, there will be no further charge/renewal attempts and the related membership can not be re-activated!

If you have any pre-signup questions, please ask.

Lottery services for non-members

Even if you're not a LottoMatic member, you still have access to most of our services.
Please read the list of the services we offer to non-members and, if you feel you need more, scroll down and chose your desired access level to our premium lottery services.

Services offered to non-members

  1. Updated Lotto Results for every draw
  2. Our lottery quick picks as well as the predicted results are available for free two hours before the draw takes place. Filters available to members only.
  3. Number generator allows the wheeling of lottery drawn numbers + 5 nrs (e.g. For the US Powereball you can wheel 10 numbers)
  4. Matrix view for 5 draws (vs. 100 draws for members)
  5. Match numbers to other lotteries are limited to 2
  6. Compare 5 results backwards from the one that took place 10 draws ago

All other lottery features such as hot/cold/overdue lottery numbers, common numbers and pairs, story of latest numbers, etc. are also available free of charge.

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