Lotto Onsdag (1)

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Lotto Onsdag (1) is a 7 / 35 lottery system. Drawings take place every every Wednesday. The next Lotto Onsdag (1) results draw scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th, 2021.

Chances to hit the Lotto Onsdag (1) jackpot are one in 6,724,520

Results database

Our Lotto Onsdag (1) results database contains the results from 1998-09-30 up to 2020-11-04

The results are organized in a tree like structure where one can browse them by year, month and date. The pages showing the results for a particular year or month can be customized to display the numbers trends and/or brief stats. On the daily results pages you will find, beside the Lotto Onsdag (1) numbers drawn on that particular day, valuable statistics related to those numbers.

Prediction system

A certain number of Lotto Onsdag (1) predictions is provided for every upcoming draw. After the draw takes place, we match our predictions to the drawn results and highlight the winning numbers.

The predictions are organized the same as the results. By year, month and date. A predictions breakdown report is available on the daily predictions pages.

Statistical report

The Lotto Onsdag (1) statistics we provide are among the most detailed available out there. Whether you're looking for the Lotto Onsdag (1) number frequency, common pairs or charts analyzing the results, it's all there.

And if an all-in-one statistics page is what suits your needs, the Lotto Onsdag (1) matrix is second to none when it comes to comprehensive statistical report.

Number generator

Our Lotto Onsdag (1) generator is packed with features and offers an extraordinary flexibility. It is also the engine for the predictions we provide. While the professional lottery player will find it an outstanding tool, it may be overwhelming for the beginner (or lazy :-)

Quick Pick

One of the easiest ways to get your numbers for the next draw is by using Lotto Onsdag (1) Quick Picks. Not just any quick picks though. Unique ones that are only being generated once between two drawings. Which means that your quick picks will not be shown to anyone else.

Results checker

There are two ways you can check your lotto results here on LottoMatic. One is at the top of our home page, where you can check your numbers against all lotteries we analyze and the other one is the Lotto Onsdag (1) checker which allows anyone to check numbers against the Lotto Onsdag (1) results. Quick statistical report as well as evolution chart are automatically being generated on that page based on the numbers you check.

And more...

Further Lotto Onsdag (1) tools/resources are available under the main menu on this page which can be opened by clicking/taping the icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

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