How to win Lotto Lordag (1)

In order to be able to win the Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1), you should first know how this particular lottery behaves. Our comprehensive analysis shows that each lottery has certain behaviors that are unique to them.

The data on this page is based on the latest one hundred results and can be used to develop a playing strategy to help you win significant amounts or even that big jackpot we all dream of.

These facts have been extracted from the Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1) matrix, one of the most comprehensive Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1) dataset available online, and are being updated after the next drawing so you may want to bookmark this page for further reference.

Let's take a look at what could help you win the Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1).

Five outstanding Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1) facts

  1. Two of the winning numbers were contained by the previous 1 drawings a number of 41 times.
  2. The most drawings in a row that contained consecutive numbers was 19.
  3. The sum of the digits that make up the winning numbers was 38 a number of 8 times.
  4. The numbers range (the difference between the largest and the lowest winning number) was 28 a number of 13 times.
  5. 21 times, the greatest difference between two adjacent winning numbers was 9.

Other facts you may want to consider

How to use all this

The past winning numbers facts mentioned above can be used to hugely decrease the number of tickets you generate for the next draw using our Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1) generator.

You can just as well use them with any other lottery tool you may have or simply to review the numbers you fill on your tickets by hand.

If you're in a lottery place willing to play and find yourself uninspired, come back to this page, look at the latest outstanding facts. They may just help you win the Lotto Lordag (1).

Further tools to help you win

Feel free to use the lottery tools and the Sweden Lotto Lordag (Lotto 1) statistics linked in the menu on this page (three horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner of your screen).