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Washington (WA) lottery Latest Results on 2019-12-04

Numbers with ✪ above them are winning numbers we have predicted. Results color pattern can be switched ON/OFF using the results settings switches on this page.


Outstanding in these Washington (WA) lottery results

  1. The smallest and the greatest distance between any two adjacent numbers are up.
  2. Numbers 23, 34 in this draw are from the previous Washington (WA) lottery results and their neighbors.
  3. All numbers in the latest results are lower or equal to those in the previous results
Previous results

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Also interesting...

During the last draw, the hot pair, represented by numbers 13 and 46, have not been drawn! Actually, this pair only showed up 12 draws ago!

Furthermore, the hot number 30 AND the cold number 35 decided to stay out of the game. They were seen last time 5 draws ago and 1 draws ago respectively.

Note that the most overdue number at this point is 29. It has not been drawn during the last 31 draws.

The hot and cold Washington (WA) lottery numbers on this page are calculated based on the latest 100 results. The report based on all previous numbers is available on the most common and least common pages.

And if we look back at the previous Washington (WA) lottery numbers we can see that 23, 34 are back in the game!

During the latest 1 draw(s), the Washington (WA) lottery results did not contain any consecutive numbers. So far, the number of most draws in a row that did not contain consecutive numbers is 4.

At last but not least, you may want to know that there were 5 evens and 1 odds in these results.

Keep all this in mind when you want to find out what will be the next Washington (WA) lottery results.

For a comprehensive statistical report, please go to the Matrix - the most detailed Washington (WA) lottery statistical report

Prediction & Quick Pick divisions for this draw

The table below is a report of the Washington (WA) lottery predictions we provided for the latest Washington (WA) lottery results. The meaning of each table column is as follows:
Tier = matching numbers
Predictions = Predictions provided for that tier
QPs = Winning Quick Picks generated since the last draw
GEN = numbers generated by users/members using the Washington (WA) lottery generator.
At the bottom of the table there are three rows:
T.P. = Total provided lottery predictions, Quick Picks or Generated Numbers
T.W. = Total winning numbers
w.% = Percentage of T.W. from T.P.

Tier Predictions QPs GEN
5 1 0 0
4 12 1 0
3 402 0 0
T.P. 44,457 15 0
T.W. 415 1 0
W.% 0.93% 6.67% 0

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