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The whole new story behind the Mega Millions next results, will be on this page by 2019-09-24. Meanwhile, let's take a look at the Mega Millions predictions on this page, which may very well be the next winning numbers.

Two different prediction types are available. The first one is a set predictions generated by our sophisticated prediction system while the other one, which is always a single unique prediction, is the "Wisdom of Crowds" prediction.

Mega Millions prediction system

The first type of predictions we provide, is the one that is being generated by artificial intelligence. Our sophisticated lottery prediction system is performing a comprehensive statistical report analysis. While doing so, it is capable of identifying various lottery patterns and use them to compute the next predictions available on this page, by clicking the "Load the System Predictions" below. You will be able to load 10 predictions at a time or one single random prediction.

It's probably worth mentioning that all random predictions are visible even for non-members.

Mega Millions predictions for 2019-09-24

Load the System Predictions

Wisdom of crowds predictions

This second type of predictions are based on the input from you, the visitor looking for Mega Millions results and predictions. Any visitor can vote, once between two drawings, for one Mega Millions number from 1 to 70 and one Mega Ball from 1 to 25. When a number receives its very first vote, it is stored in a database along with one vote. Each following vote for that number will be added to the previous votes. The most voted 5 numbers are the ones that make up the wisdom of crowds prediction.

All you need to do in order to reveal the wisdom of crowds prediction for Mega Millions, is to vote for that one number you strongly believe will come out in the next Mega Millions results. Your vote will also give you access to every 10th system prediction on this page.

Mega Millions prediction for 2019-09-24 based on the Wisdom of Crowds

Latest results

The latest results and their interesting story are available on the Mega Millions latest results page.

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