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This page compares the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 latest results to other lottery results that took place between 2019-08-23 (previous Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 drawing date) and 2019-08-24 (latest Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 drawing date).
Since the previous drawing, some of the lotto numbers from the latest Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 results (2019-08-24) were also present in other lottery results.
If at least 2 common numbers -- that is numbers that exist in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 latest results as well as in any of the other lottery results -- are found, you will see those 2 numbers highlighted in the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 latest results.

We hope this lottery results comparison will help you pick your next Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 winning numbers.

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Matching results

Since the previous Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 draw (2019-08-23), we couldn't find at least 2 numbers from the Georgia (GA) Fantasy 5 latest results that showed up in other lottery results between 2019-08-23 and 2019-08-24.
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