UK 49s Latest Results

This page shows both, the 49s Lunchtime and 49s Teatime results as one lottery!

Lunchtime Results

Lunchtime Predictions

Teatime Results

Teatime Predictions

The numbers above are the latest UK 49s Teatime results drawn Wednesday, October 28. The highlighted results are the ones from our best prediction we provided for the evening draw.

Further details on the dedicated Teatime Latest Results page.


Use QuickPred to generate a random set of UK 49s results predicted for 29 October 2020

Note that the UK 49s results generated above take into account both UK 49s results (Lunchtime and Teatime)


Further UK 49s numbers

Note that the UK 49s tools below take into account both UK 49s results (Lunchtime and Teatime)

Numbers that DID follow Numbers DUE to follow Hot, Cold and Overdue / 4weeks Hot, Cold and Overdue numbers / 100 results Average of numbers Numbers Heat Map UK 49s Generator

49s Lunchtime Latest Results Image

49s Lunchtime results

49s Teatime Latest Results Image

49s Teatime results

UK 49s results settings

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Last update: 2020-10-28 @ 13:12 UTC

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