South Africa Powerball next possible results (predictions)

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The possible results (predictions) for Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

South Africa Powerball latest results

Predicting the next South Africa Powerball winning results is a hard, almost impossible task. However, by eliminating the results that have a very low chance to come out, we will end up with a fraction of all possible combinations.

Stop wasting your money on tickets that don't stand a chance! Check the South Africa Powerball numbers you're about to play next time by matching them against the numbers on this page. If the winning combination will be one of the possible results presented here, your chances to win are 100% higher! One in 5 instead of one in 42,375,200.

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For this particular lottery we have managed to predict the jackpot a total of 2 time(s) so far.

Drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at approximately 18:10 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The South Africa Powerball possible results (predictions) for the next drawing (Tuesday, August 27th, 2019) have been posted to this page on 2019-08-23 @ 21:46 GMT.

Use the filters to choose the predictions that do or do not contain certain numbers. Details about how our prediction system works, including the description of the filtering system, can be found on this page.

The predictions breakdown (matches against results) will be posted on this page immediately after the South Africa Powerball results from 2019-08-27 will be drawn. At that point you can even filter out the South Africa Powerball predicted results that contain a certain amount of winning numbers.

The quick stats (SUM, Range, etc.) shown under each set of predictions are explained at the bottom of the page.

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Quick Stats under each prediction

In an attempt to provide quality lottery services, the South Africa Powerball predictions have been enhanced to provide you with a set of quick stats. The meaning of the information you find under each set of South Africa Powerball prediction is as follows:

The meaning of the colors is as follows. If the value is within 10 percent range from the calculated average value, the color would be red. If the value is within 30 percent, the color will be orange while if the value is between the max. and min. values previously recorded, the color would be light blue.
The stats that have black color are those that fall outside of any previous values.

For instance, if the average of the numbers based on the last 100 draws is, let's say, 100, the min. SUM was 60 and the max. sum was 140, and the SUM of the predicted numbers is 102, the color would be red. If the SUM is 106, the color would be orange because 106 is more than 100 +/- 5%. Furthermore, if the SUM is 84, the color would be orange because 84 is not between 100 +/- 15%.
And finally, if the SUM is 141, the color would be black because that SUM is outside the min. and max. SUM (60 and 140) during the last 100 draws.

The up, down and refresh icons under the predicted numbers show if the number is greater, lower or equal to the corresponding number from the previous draw. So, a down arrow under the first number means that that number is lower than the corresponding number from the previous draw. A refresh icon means that number is the same as the corresponding number from the same draw.

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