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The latest South Africa Powerball + results, drawn on 2019-09-20, are 11, 23, 24, 25, 44 with Powerball 13. The careful analysis of these latest numbers have, again, an interesting story to tell. Let's start by taking a look at what is unusual about the latest South Africa Powerball + results.

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Not so uncommon but still interesting

During the last draw, the hot pair, represented by numbers 11 and 13, have not been drawn! Actually, this pair only showed up 120 draws ago!

Furthermore, the hot number 45 AND the cold number 32 decided to stay out of the game. They were seen last time 1 draws ago and 2 draws ago respectively.

Note that the most overdue number at this point is 12. It has not been drawn during the last 37 draws.

And if we look back at the previous South Africa Powerball + results we can see that no numbers have repeated themselves.

During the latest 1 draw(s), the South Africa Powerball + results contained consecutive numbers. So far, the number of most draws in a row that had consecutive numbers is 4.

At last but not least, you may want to know that there were 2 evens and 3 odds in these results.

Keep all this in mind when you want to find out what will be the South Africa Powerball + next results.

For a comprehensive statistical report, please go to the Matrix - the most detailed South Africa Powerball + statistical report

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