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Unlike most of the lottery tools we offer here on LottoMatic, the SA Daily Lotto winning numbers generator doesn't take into account any of the lottery statistical data. It simply generates random numbers.

There are two ways to use this lotto tool:

1. You can wheel the lottery numbers . Once you start the wheeling process, it will go on until you stop it.
Every time you click/tap on the Quick Pick button, as long as the wheeling is on, a set of "winning numbers" will be added to the list.
The last set of SA Daily Lotto numbers you pick will always be at the top of the list.

2. The second option is to pick the lottery winning numbers one set at a time by clicking on the "Pick One Set" button. Every time you click on this button a new set of numbers will be generated. To add the set of numbers to your lottery winning numbers list click/tap on the "Ad to My Winning Numbers" button.

Once you're done generating and picking, you can click/tap on the "Copy All" button and the list will automatically be copied to the clipboard for you.

In case you are looking for more advanced lottery number generating tools take a look at the SA Daily Lotto Quick Picks and the SA Daily Lotto Generator.

SA Daily Lotto "winning numbers" generator


↓ Your (hopefully) winning numbers ↓

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