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Note: Gosloto 5-36 fourth draw is no longer being analyzed/monitored by LottoMatic

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The color pattern, predicted results as well as the consecutive views can be switched on and off using the buttons above this paragraph.

On this page, each lottery card contains links to corresponding lottery tools and resources. The name of the lottery is linked to the main lotto page. Clicking/taping any of the numbers will load the corresponding latest results page.

The buttons/icons under each set of results have the following role:

  1. Link to the predicted results
  2. Will load the Quick Pick system for that particular lottery
  3. The corresponding number generator/wheel can be accessed with this button
  4. Clicking this icon will load the lotto matrix, a comprehensive statistical report
  5. Numbers frequency with charts
  6. Charts related to that particular lottery
  7. Lotto number checker

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