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Lotto Results & Predictions

Our mission is to help people win the lotto by providing lotto results prediction based on multiple mathematical formulas. The predictions are being matched to the corresponding lotto results after each draw and the best performing ones are represented on this page by the highlighted (darker) numbers. To view all the predictions we provided for a particular game, please access the corresponding latest results page.

On this page, each lottery card contains links to useful tools that can help you win that particular game. The name of the lottery is linked to the main lotto page while the Results & Predictions text will load the most recently drawn numbers as well as the predictions we provided for that particular lotto game. The predictions for the next results are also available there.

The lottery tools/resources can be accessed using the buttons/icons under the latest results as follows:

  1. Link to the latest lotto predictions & results page
  2. Will load the Lotto Quick Pick system
  3. The lotto generator/wheel can be accessed with this button
  4. Clicking this icon will load the lotto matrix, a comprehensive lottery statistics report
  5. Numbers frequency with charts
  6. Charts related to that particular lottery

The matched results, the lotto color pattern as well as the consecutive views can be switched on and off using the view settings

Most of the lotto predictions & results we provide are for lotteries in North America but we also analyze and predict other lotteries across the world, including Australia, UK and various other countries. If your preferred lotto game is not already analyzed/predicted by us, feel free to request its inclusion.

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This page is being updated several times/day, minutes after each draw takes place.

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