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The latest Hatoslotto results existing in our database have been posted on 2019-02-24 @ 15:52 GMT. The numbers in white square represent the ones matching those in our best prediction.

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The performance of the next predictions will be announced after the forthcoming draw. You may also request a random prediction, known as QuickPred

Latest predictions

A graphical representation of these numbers may help you better understand them. The red bar represents all possible Hatoslotto combinations while the green one represents the number of combinations (predictions) provided by us.

Latest 3 random predictions Show Me!

This image shows the 3 random Hatoslotto predictions we provided for the latest results, with the winning numbers highlighted, if any.

Next 3 random predictions Show Me!

This image shows the 3 randomly picked Hatoslotto predictions for the next draw.

Latest statistics Show Me!

The Hatoslotto statistics after the most recent draw.

Predictions & Quick Picks breakdown Show Me!

Breakdown of the predictions and quick picks posted.

Last Draw Summary Show Me!

The latest Hatoslotto draw in a nutshell

Find out what changed and what didn't after the latest results have been drawn.

Hatoslotto Heat Map Show Me!

This heat map shows the frequency of each of the Hatoslotto numbers in the form of a color between yellow and red.

Hot/Cold/Overdue 100 draws Show Me!

The hot, cold and overdue Hatoslotto numbers based on the last 100 draws.

Hot/Cold/Overdue over 4 weeks Show Me!

And the hot, cold and overdue Hatoslotto numbers based on the results from the past four weeks.

Lotto Numbers that DID follow Show Me!

These are the Hatoslotto numbers that have been drawn the most after the corresponding numbers in these latest results.

Lotto Numbers that did NOT follow Show Me!

And here are the Hatoslotto numbers that did not follow (have NEVER been drawn immediately after) the corresponding ones in this draw, whenever they were drawn previously.

Average of lotto numbers Show Me!

Here is the average of the Hatoslotto numbers based on the last 100 draws.

Hatoslotto Results Image Show Me!

The Hatoslotto results image showing the winning numbers as well as the related brief stats. LottoMatic is the only service creating a unique image for every Hatoslotto results draw, virtually in real time.

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Hatoslotto predictions can be saved after you open the next predictions (up, under "Latest & Next Predictions" heading). The ones you save will be shown here. You will also be able to delete them.

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Hatoslotto Quick picks can be saved from the Quick Pick page. The ones you save will be shown here. You will also be able to delete them.

Hatoslotto prize breakdown

5 FT 353,870.00
4 FT 7,295.00
3 FT 1,685.00

Results posted 2019-02-24 15:52 GMT

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