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Table of Contents (ToC)

  1. ToC
  2. Number colors
  3. Numbers in position
  4. Sum, Range, Gap & Repeat
  5. Consec, Even/Odd and Space
  6. Rep. nrs & neighbors
  7. Key, Exclude & Trends
  8. Lotto history filters
  9. Settings
  10. Match generated against
  11. Numbers to wheel
  12. Generated numbers
  13. Further resources

13. Further lottery resources

The obvious question is: "How does one come up with the values for all these filters?"

No worries, we've got you covered! We constantly compute the values of all these statistical factors and publish them on our website.

By far the most comprehensive lottery statistics are available on the lottery matrix. The matrix contains ALL the data one needs to take maximum advantage of the number generator.

Other lottery statistical factors such as the SUM of numbers, SUM of digits, Evens, Odds, etc.. can also be found on the main page of every lottery we monitor.

Knowing which numbers to wheel is another important aspect. On every latest lottery results page (accessible by clicking the "latest results" link next to any lottery name on our home page, each of the winning numbers are linked to the page telling the story of that particular number. Just click on the number to load that page. You will find, beside a ton of useful information that can be used to set up the number generator filters, a chart showing the heat factor of that number. Studying the chart may help you decide if that number is worth wheeling for the next draw or not.

Once you start using any of our number generators you can click on the to see an explanation of what that particular filter does.

As mentioned before, we welcome your comments and questions in the Number Generator forum.