How to become a LottoMatic member

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How to become a LottoMatic member

Post by LottoMatic » 27 Nov 2019, 09:13

The premium lottery tools offered by LottoMatic are available to members. Anyone willing to become a member can to sign up on the LottoMatic membership page. The features that comes with each membership level and the fees (recurring every 30 days) are available on that page. A link to an online currency converter is also available.

The sign up process

We've been working to make the LottoMatic signup process as easy as possible. All you have to do is basically set up the password you will be using to access/log into the LottoMatic system and complete the payment.

Payments are possible with any bank card that can be used for online purchases. At this point in time, all our payments are being processed by PayPal, the largest online payment processor. Those who already have a PayPal account, will only have to sign into it and approve the payment. If you are using a bank card and don't have a PayPal account yet, you will be prompted to set up a PayPal account. Just read and follow the instructions on your screen and you'll get there.

An initial, one time sign-up fee of US$2.99 is charged for each and every signup and is used for the administration of your LottoMatic account. PayPal will try to process the initial fee immediately when you complete the signup. If that payment is successful, a LottoMatic 30 days subscription will be created in your PayPal account and your LottoMatic membership will be automatically activated. If it fails, the membership will not be activated and you will not be able to log into the LottoMatic system.

Important! Although our membership is activated after the initial fee, PayPal will collect the actual 30 days fee one day after you completed the signup. If this payment (30 days fee) is successful, the membership will be active for 30 days starting with the signup day.

Note: The following only applies if the first attempt to charge the 30 days fee fails!

If the processing of the 30 days fee fails for any reason, the corresponding membership will be automatically de-activated. PayPal will try to collect the fee again in five days from the failure date. There will be 3 such attempts, five days from one another to collect the membership fee. If all 3 attempts fail, PayPal will suspend the subscription and will give up trying. However, a successful payment will automatically activate the LottoMatic membership and will stop any further charge attempts for the current membership cycle.

The above does not apply to a cancelled subscription. No charge attempts are made whatsoever on cancelled subscriptions.

Let's look at a sign up example

John Doe decides to become a LottoMatic member on November 20. He goes to the LottoMatic membership page, picks his desired LottoMatic level based on the lottery features he'd like to use, and follows the instructions on his screen to sign up.

Once he completes the sign up, the following actions take place:

  • PayPal creates a 30 day LottoMatic subscription in John Doe's PayPal account
  • PayPal is trying to charge/collect the initial US$2.99 signup fee
  • If initial fee collection is successful, PayPal sends a signal to the LottoMatic system, along with the Email address used by John Doe with PayPal
  • LottoMatic creates the membership for John Doe, using John Doe's PayPal Email and whatever password John Doe has set up at the beginning of the LottoMatic signup process
  • LottoMatic redirects John Doe to the LottoMatic Member page and automatically logs him into the system
  • One day from the signup, PayPal is trying to collect the 30 day (sometimes called monthly) subscription and sends the result of the attempt to LottoMatic. If payment processing is successful, John Doe's LottoMatic membership is activated for 30 days starting with November 20, the date when John Doe signed up. If payment fails, LottoMatic de-activates John Doe's membership until the payment is collected.

PayPal subscription vs LottoMatic membership

A PayPal subscription is a way for PayPal to manage recurring payments. The LottoMatic membership is what allows you to log into the LottoMatic system and use the premium lottery services. Both are created when you sign up.

Each LottoMatic membership is connected to a PayPal subscription. Each LottoMatic membership is active for as long as the corresponding PayPal subscription is paid for.

Cancel/stop the recurring payments

Just as anyone can sign up, anyone is also free to opt out at any time. As mentioned above, at the end of the signup process, PayPal will create a subscription in your PayPal account to which only you have access. All you need to do to stop the recurring payments is to cancel that subscription in your PayPal account. Once cancelled, there will be no more charge attempts whatsoever.

It's worth mentioning that, when a PayPal subscription is cancelled, the associated LottoMatic membership remains active for the paid period. For example, if you sign up on the 10th of the month and cancel your PayPal subscription on the 15th, your LottoMatic membership is still active for 30 days starting with the 10th, the day you signed up. However at the end of the billing cycle, there will be no charge/renewal attempt if you have cancelled the subscription.

In order to take advantage of your LottoMatic membership, you need to be logged into the LottoMatic system. You can do so here:

To log in, use your Email (that would be the same Email you use to sign into PayPal) and whatever password you have set up when you became a LottoMatic member. Please note that the password is case sensitive. This means that "yourpassword" is not the same as "YOURpassword"

In case you forget your password, please use the "Password reset" button which is revealed after the first unsuccessful log in. That is the only way to reset your password and you need to have access to the Email address you used to sign up.

Note: The LottoMatic membership that gives you access to the premium lottery services is different than the LottoMatic forum membership. A forum membership is for posting in our forums and it is totally independent of the LottoMatic premium memberships.

One of the questions we receive is where/what is the CSV/CSC code on your bank card. The image below should help with this aspect.


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