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Any topics related to lottery predictions. Forum members are welcome to post their own lottery predictions here, along with the strategy used to come up with those lottery numbers.
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Quick advice

Post by Rob198040 » 07 Jan 2022, 01:38

I noticed the draw numbers sent to me for the number one played combo . So my question is what is the combo they think it’s gonna be this time ? I tracked the play and number draws are in sequence with algorithm . But the combos jump between , I’m gonna use the biggest number set in every draw I seen was a 2018 was a 70 play then the next year and I I’m pretty sure it 60 then it was a 30 as the lead number and then a 20 in 2022 so I’m gonna play tough on this one but they put a couple wrinkles in the layout of the sheets. But the best part is the algorithm was very accurate so if I play based on that I’ll figure it out . But if you have an ideal of combos as a tip , only if you know . Thank you.

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Re: Quick advice

Post by LottoMatic » 08 Jan 2022, 02:03

We'd like to help but you didn't name the lottery you're interested in.

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