US Mega Million predictions

Any topics related to lottery predictions. Forum members are welcome to post their own lottery predictions here, along with the strategy used to come up with those lottery numbers.
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US Mega Million predictions

Post by nick.parker1 » 06 Jan 2022, 14:48

Hi lottomatic again,

I would like some custom predictions, I like the hot/cold/overdue numbers helps filter out all the unnecessary numbers. Although if you have any other strategies for predictions you can also include that since right now all I know is the hot/cold/overdue numbers. I hope the old prediction system will be returned soon or reinvented because that’s one of the things that made me fall in love with lottomatic.

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Re: US Mega Million predictions

Post by Busobendiya001 » 06 Jan 2022, 19:22

:roll: please megga million for tomorrow

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Re: US Mega Million predictions

Post by LottoMatic » 08 Jan 2022, 01:55

Please post your requests earlier so that we have time to get back to you in time. Also, note that we are based in Sweden so please count for the time difference.

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