Lottery Wheeling - the real deal!

Any comments/questions related to our lottery wheel? This is the right forum to post them.

Note: The lottery wheel we discuss here is also known by lottery number generator.
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Lottery Wheeling - the real deal!

Post by LottoMatic » 27 Nov 2019, 08:37

There are countless lottery wheeling systems out there and, while some better than others, no one comes close to the LottoMatic Wheel/Generator.

Here are the points that sets it apart

  • Large number of filtering capabilities which can be applied by lottery players in order to reduce the next possible outcome
  • Possibility to generate/view the generated results as CSV (comma separated values)
  • Lottery color patterns
  • Number positioning
  • Even/Odd filtering
  • Numbers space filtering
  • Dynamic filtering based on recent history as well as all draws
  • Key numbers filtering
  • Individual or multiple numbers exclusion
  • Winning numbers highlighting

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