I Do No See The Social Page Predictions?

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I Do No See The Social Page Predictions?

Post by Shobo » 04 Mar 2021, 18:57


I'm a new Lottomatic.org member and enjoy the website very much.

Recently I've noticed that the TX Lotto Predictions you post to your social pages are missing? I like to have that data when selecting numbers to play and was curious to know if you could start posting those Social Page Predictions again please? I play Texas Lotto 6/54 and would like to have access to those Social Page Predictions because I use them in selecting my numbers.

Oh, just a couple more things to ask if I may... Just a suggestion I would like to see, in the number combs in the CSV view the numbers look like this separated by commas....


If I could suggest if there is any possibility to set the CSV combs to look like this, 02-07-15-22-30-42... It would work better for me in my other wheeling systems I use as well instead of my having to do manual entry's of entire sets to reduce them down.

The other thing I would like to see on the Predictions N (Pred N) page is the ability to select number combs by their Sum, so say like I picked numbers but only want the numbers that total a Sum of 154, I know I could probably do this in the Matrix, but it would just be more convenient if you could add that feature to the Pred N as well.

Thank you for your time... And good luck everyone.

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