Great Number Elimination Strategy for All Games

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Great Number Elimination Strategy for All Games

Post by Lescouflair » 16 Nov 2020, 04:19


Please use these number elimination strategies and help us track them.

******1st Strategy*******
20^0 Means 20 was the winning number and 0 games have passed since the number 20 was a winning number.
0 also means skipped games or Games Out and it was played in the previous game

19^1 Means that the winning number 19 was NOT played in the previous game. You can also say 1 Game Out.

Strategy 1: In L1, In L2, In L3, In L4, In L5, In L6, In L7, In, L8, In L9, In L10, In L11, In L12, In L13, In L14, In L15, In L16 and please track the number of games between them. In Last 1 means in how many numbers in the current game were played in the last game.
In Cash4Life (For some reason the results are not being updated daily on 0 in last 5 means that No numbers in the current game were played in the last 5 games, (of course we will only know this After the winning numbers have been drawn but this can be tracked)

11/13/2020 = 12^11 18^5 23^8 29^9 46^44 (number 18 was found in the 5th past)
(0) 11/12/2020 = 20^0 25^18 38^3 49^2 51^29
(1) 11/11/2020 = 07^5 20^4 30^2 41^2 56^8
(2) 11/10/2020 = 14^15 19^1 26^18 36^7 43^2
(3) 11/9/2020 = 10^21 27^43 40^8 45^11 49^1
(4) 11/8/2020 = 19^1 30^11 38^45 41^2 55^89
(5) 11/7/2020 = 02^5 03^3 18^13 43^31 49^30

11/13/2020 = In L1=0 In L5=0 In L10=3 In L8=1 In L16=4
11/12/2020 = In L1=1 In L5=3 In L10=3 In L8=3 In L16=3

0 in 5 games means that we can eliminate all the numbers from the previous 5 games including the present game! That could be about 20 numbers! Please track this.
Please also include tracking or counting so that we can guess when 0 in Last 5 will occur.

******2nd strategy********
1st Position tracking when it is a high number like 20's 30's 40's
For example the last time the first Ball or Position are in the 20's or 30's and count the games between them so that we can guess when the next time they will be played. We will be able to eliminate many.

Thank You for this awesome Website.

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