New York Cash4Life A Way to Greatly Improve Chances!

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New York Cash4Life A Way to Greatly Improve Chances!

Post by Lescouflair » 15 Nov 2020, 00:09


Great site,

Please use VACash4Life Winning Numbers Data for the New York Cash 4 Life. It is EXACTLY the same game, however, the Virginia Cash 4 Life has Daily Drawings 7 Days a Week. It is also the same game as Maryland Cash 4 Life.

How will this Significantly Improve your odds you ask?

1. Since NYCash4 Life is only twice a week, you are using the incorrect overdue numbers because these numbers ACTUALLY have been played but are only shown on the Virginia and Maryland sites. As you know NY For example, Lets say that in the NYCash4Life if 7-16-20-35-57 was Wednesdays winning numbers. In Virginia and Maryland, the previous day's, Tuesday's winning numbers were 8-16-33-45-47. Let's say for example that the number 47 has not been drawn in the NY Cash 4 life in 4 months. (It has been played in VA and MD just not shown in NY because it is the exact same game using the same winning numbers) You will post the number 47 as an OVERDUE number when it is NOT and overdue number. You just didn't see in in New York Cash 4 life because it only shows the winning numbers ONLY TWICE a week. Never the less, your system is very accurate. Just imagine how much more accurate it could be if you use VirginiaCash4Life or Maryland Cash 4 Life Numbers.

2. You will make more customers happy because you will be showing a game that is played in more than ONE state.

3. You will make more customers happy because you will have a MUCH greater frequency of winning numbers for people living in at least 3 different states which will greatly increase your customer reach by MILLIONS of people.

4. I will PayPal you Tens Thousands of Dollars of my winnings.

5. You will retain more customers.

Thank You for Creating a Great Site!

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