Lottery wheel generator

Any comments/questions related to our lottery wheel? This is the right forum to post them.

Note: The lottery wheel we discuss here is also known by lottery number generator.
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Lottery wheel generator

Post by Pmatyobeni » 15 Apr 2020, 04:09

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Hi there! May you please clarify this for me, should I need to generate the numbers to get the good predictions? If so how to get the result after I generate?

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Re: Lottery wheel generator

Post by LottoMatic » 15 Apr 2020, 04:15

The generator is available for those who want to generate their own numbers, based on own knowledge/observation. To view the generated numbers, once you've configured your desired filters, you click on "Generate my numbers" and the system will show you the numbers.

You can find out more about our number generators here:

You are also welcome to use the predictions we provide, which are also generated using the generator. The details about our lottery prediction system is available here:


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