Lottery Results - what's going on?

Interesting aspects related to lottery results, such as anomalies and outstanding events/occurrences, are being discussed in this forum.
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Lottery Results - what's going on?

Post by LottoMatic » 25 Nov 2019, 06:03

Lottery results come with surprises. Quite often actually.

Out of the ordinary occurrences such as numbers that are spread evenly, numbers that fall into a very small range or numbers that have been drawn in the very previous results are just some examples.
A more detailed view will also reveal the trends of the numbers which, in a set of lottery results may be on an ascending or descending trend and, if we want to go even deeper, we should also look at the trends of the results statistical factors.

Whenever lottery results offer such surprises, LottoMatic will catch them and post in this forum to let you know what was going on.

We welcome you to do the same.

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