Dutch Lotto XL SUM of digits chart

This chart shows the SUM of the digits that form the Dutch Lotto XL numbers for the latest 100 Dutch Lotto XL results.

Short stats

The repeat rate (same SUM of digits in 2 or more consecutive Dutch Lotto XL results) is 1%.

The SUM of digits went up (was higher than in the previous Dutch Lotto XL results) a total of 51 times and it went down a total of 48 times during the last 100 draws.

The average of the up trend is: 51.00% and the average of the down trend is: 48.00%

The Dutch Lotto XL SUM of digits chart

Hover the chart area to see -- in the right upper corner of the chart -- the actual numeric value for any position on the chart (that is any Dutch Lotto XL draw date).

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