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The results drawn on 2020-05-30

The numbers above are the ones drawn Saturday, May 30. The highlighted (darker background) numbers are the ones from our best prediction. Click/tap any of the latest numbers above to find out its interesting story.

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About the latest Dutch Lotto XL results

  1. The following numbers are the ones drawn the most after these latest results.
    • Number 15 was drawn 6 times afer 02
    • Number 15 was drawn 4 times afer 04
    • Number 12 was drawn 6 times afer 08
    • Numbers 19, 13, 38 and 07 were drawn 3 times afer 11
    • Numbers 44, 14, 02, 07, 11, 12, 13 and 21 were drawn 3 times afer 30
    • Numbers 13 and 23 were drawn 4 times afer 43
    The other following numbers are available here
  2. On the other hand, number 33 (changed) is among the due results because it was not drawn after 3 of the numbers in these latest results.
  3. Dutch Lotto XL number 31 is one of the hot numbers at this point. (changed from 37)
  4. While 34 is one of the cold numbers. (unchanged)
  5. And one of the most overdue numbers is 45. (changed from 8)

Note: The above is based on the latest 100 results.

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Dutch Lotto XL results predicted

No predictions available for this draw.

Stats based on the latest results

Statistical factor Value Trend
Sum of numbers 98 -15.52%
Sum of digits 26 -25.71%
Results range 41 +24.24%
Even results 4 +2
Odd results 2 -2
Max. Rep. Decades 3
Max. Rep. last digits 1
Hot number 31 not drawn
Cold number 34 not drawn
Most overdue number 45 not drawn
Repeating numbers: 11

Our best performing Dutch Lotto XL Quick Pick

  • 03
  • 12
  • 19
  • 20
  • 28
  • 44

Outstanding in these Dutch Lotto XL results

Numbers 8, 11, 43 in this draw are from the previous Dutch Lotto XL results and their neighbors.

We also learned that...

Furthermore, the hot number 31 AND the cold number 34 decided to stay out of the game. They were seen last time 9 draws ago and 15 draws ago respectively.

Note that the most overdue number at this point is 45. It has not been drawn during the last 17 draws.

The hot and cold Dutch Lottery XL numbers on this page are calculated based on the 100 latest results. The report based on all previous numbers is available on the most common and least common pages.

And if we look back at the previous Dutch Lotto XL numbers we can see that 11 is a repeating number

During the latest 2 draw(s), the Dutch Lottery XL results did not contain any consecutive numbers. So far, the number of most draws in a row that did not contain consecutive numbers is 7.

At last but not least, you may want to know that there were 4 evens and 2 odds in these results.

Keep all this in mind when you want to find out what will be the next Dutch Lotto XL results.

For a comprehensive statistical report, please go to the Matrix - the most detailed Dutch Lotto XL statistical report

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Last update: 2020-05-30 @ 20:43 UTC

Next Dutch Lotto XL results scheduled for 06 June 2020 @ 19:00 UTC

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