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The results drawn on 2019-06-18

The numbers above are the ones drawn Tuesday, June 18. The highlighted (darker background) numbers are the ones from our best prediction. Click/tap any of the latest numbers above to find out its interesting story.

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About the latest Daily Million evening results

  1. Daily Million 2 number is one of the hot numbers at this point.
  2. While is one of the cold numbers.
  3. And one of the most overdue numbers is .

Note: The above is based on the latest 100 results.

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Daily Million evening results predicted

No predictions available for this draw.

Stats based on the latest results

Statistical factor Value Trend
Sum of numbers 127 +INF%
Sum of digits 37 +INF%
Results range 23 +INF%
Even results 3 +3
Odd results 3 +3
Max. Rep. Decades 3 +3
Max. Rep. last digits 2 +2
Hot number not drawn
Cold number not drawn
Most overdue number not drawn
Repeating numbers: 23

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Last update: 2019-06-18 @ 21:05 UTC

Next Daily Million 2 results scheduled for 05 June 2020 @ 21:00 UTC

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