Australia Oz Lotto Quick Pick

For your convenience, here are the latest drawn Australia Oz Lotto results. The numbers in white square are from the best Quick Pick we provided for this draw.

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Your Australia Oz Lotto QuickPick for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 is available.

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Previous Quick Picks

These are the QuickPicks we provided for the last draw (2021-02-23). They are being sorted by their performance, with the best ones being shown first. To see them in the order in which they were requested by our users, use the filters (click the icon). You can also filter/narrow the QuickPicks based on various criteria.

Info Stats Trends CSV Color pattern

SUM Nrs187 SUM Digits52 Range37 Evens/Odds2 / 5 Max RD/RLd3 / 2
SUM Nrs177 SUM Digits42 Range40 Evens/Odds2 / 5 Max RD/RLd2 / 2
SUM Nrs193 SUM Digits40 Range29 Evens/Odds4 / 3 Max RD/RLd4 / 2
SUM Nrs176 SUM Digits41 Range40 Evens/Odds1 / 6 Max RD/RLd2 / 2
SUM Nrs144 SUM Digits45 Range38 Evens/Odds3 / 4 Max RD/RLd2 / 1
SUM Nrs135 SUM Digits45 Range34 Evens/Odds4 / 3 Max RD/RLd3 / 2
SUM Nrs172 SUM Digits46 Range44 Evens/Odds3 / 4 Max RD/RLd2 / 2
SUM Nrs192 SUM Digits39 Range33 Evens/Odds5 / 2 Max RD/RLd2 / 2
SUM Nrs209 SUM Digits38 Range30 Evens/Odds2 / 5 Max RD/RLd3 / 2
SUM Nrs167 SUM Digits41 Range29 Evens/Odds4 / 3 Max RD/RLd4 / 2

CSV of displayed/filtered predictions

Australia Oz Lotto Quick Pick - INFO

To find out about the performance of the Australia Oz Lotto quick picks and predictions provided by LottoMatic, please consult the Prediction & Quick Pick Divisions table at the bottom of the latest results page.

The functionality of the Australia Oz Lotto Quick Pick system is described on this page

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